What is this site?

Cook the Books strives to be the best resource for discovering, sharing, and discussing cookbooks and cookbook recipes.

You can:

  • Find the best recipes in your cookbooks
  • Explore new cookbooks
  • Share your opinions about cookbooks and recipes
  • Wish List Cookbooks and Recipes you want to check out later.
  • Keep a journal of what you cook with photos and ratings

Where are the recipes?

Rather than providing the actual recipes from Cookbooks, we provide a place for the cooking community to discuss cookbooks and recipes.

We do this because we respect author's original source materials, and we want you to check out their cookbooks - whether it is by buying them or grabbing them from the library.

In the future, we plan on linking to publicly available versions of cookbook recipes that authors themselves have provided, and we'd also love to partner with authors to let them post versions of their recipes on our site, as well as giving early looks to upcoming cookbooks.

This leads to our core philosophy....

Core Philosophy

We believe in the decentralized internet and respect for content ownership. We believe that creativity, knowledge, and art should be allowed to thrive in books, private blogs, personal websites, and wherever you might want to host it. To this end, we want to lift up and promote cookbook authors, home cooks, and blog publishers. We want to help people discover your contributions, rather than replace them with pablum, copies, or clickbait.


Cook the Books was started as a project of a home cook, brewer, and software engineer from Portland, Oregon named Greg. You can find him on here as Zebra.

The site is administered and owned by Cook the Books, LLC, a private Oregon Company. We do not have any outside funding or investors.

What's Next?

For now, it's all about Cookbooks. In the future we'd like to work on sharing and finding the best cooking blogs and online recipes, as well as videos, gear, ingredients, and more.

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